Recent Breaking Research from AIP Publishing

December 2017

Polariton condensation in S- and P-flatbands in a two-dimensional Lieb lattice
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 231102 (2017)

Perspective: Highly stable vapor-deposited glasses
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 210901 (2017)

Manipulating broadband polarization conversion in metamaterials
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 215101 (2017)

November 2017

Invited Review Article: Measurements of the Newtonian constant of gravitation, G
Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 111101 (2017)

Multi-planar amorphous silicon photonics with compact interplanar couplers, cross talk mitigation, and low crossing loss
APL Photonics 2, 116101 (2017)

Phase retrieval of an electron vortex beam using diffraction holography
Appl. Phys. Lett 111, 223101 (2017)

Virial coefficients of anisotropic hard solids of revolution: The detailed influence of the particle geometry
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 204102 (2017)

Gel phase in hydrated calcium dipicolinate
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 213701 (2017)

Volatility of the catalytic hydrogenation products of 1,4 bis(phenylethynyl)benzene
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 194701 (2017)

Hydrodynamics experiments with soap films and soap bubbles: A short review of recent experiments
Physics of Fluids 29, 111113 (2017)

Scalable graphene aptasensors for drug quantification
AIP Advances 7, 115111 (2017)

Interactions and collisions of topological solitons in a semiconductor laser with optical injection and feedback
Chaos 27, 114308 (2017)

Lattices of SnTe surface nanoclusters on glass-ceramic
Low Temperature Physics 43, 1094 (2017)

Realization of zero-field skyrmions with high-density via electromagnetic manipulation in Pt/Co/Ta multilayers
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 202403 (2017)

Phase and vacancy behaviour of hard “slanted” cubes
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 124501 (2017)

Electromagnetic characteristics of systems of prolate and oblate ellipsoids
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 185101 (2017)

Stimulated emission from HgCdTe quantum well heterostructures at wavelengths up to 19.5 μm
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 192101 (2017)

Plasma under control: Advanced solutions and perspectives for plasma flux management in material treatment and nanosynthesis
Applied Physics Reviews 4, 041302 (2017)

Three-dimensional reconstruction of neutron, gamma-ray, and x-ray sources using spherical harmonic decomposition
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 175901 (2017)

Internal sub-sonic burning during an explosion viewed via dynamic X-ray radiography
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 184103 (2017)

Going beyond the standard line tension: Size-dependent contact angles of water nanodroplets
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 174701 (2017)

A computational model of amoeboid cell swimming
Physics of Fluids 29, 101902 (2017)

Modeling emission lag after photoexcitation
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 164501 (2017)

Versatile variable temperature and magnetic field scanning probe microscope for advanced material research
Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 103702 (2017)

Tuning a 3D microwave cavity via superfluid helium at millikelvin temperatures
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 172601 (2017)

A general intermolecular force field based on tight-binding quantum chemical calculations
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 161708 (2017)

Temperature induced phase transformations and negative electrocaloric effect in (Pb,La)(Zr,Sn,Ti)O3 antiferroelectric single crystal
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 154101 (2017)

Significantly extended cutoff wavelength of very long-wave infrared detectors based on InAs/GaSb/InSb/GaSb superlattices
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 161101 (2017)

Competition between the inter-valley scattering and the intra-valley scattering on magnetoconductivity induced by screened Coulomb disorder in Weyl semimetals
AIP Advances 7, 105003 (2017)

Mapping cation diffusion through lattice defects in epitaxial oxide thin films on the water-soluble buffer layer Sr3Al2O6 using atomic resolution electron microscopy
APL Materials 5, 096108 (2017)

2D IR spectroscopy of high-pressure phases of ice
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 144501 (2017)

Coupling nonlinear optical waves to photoreactive and phase-separating soft matter: Current status and perspectives
Chaos 27, 104611 (2017)

Editorial: Welcome to APL Bioengineering
APL Bioengineering 1, 010401 (2017)

Impurity and eccentricity effects on the nonlinear optical rectification in a quantum ring under lateral electric fields
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 144301 (2017)

Microbead-regulated surface wrinkling patterns in a film–substrate system
Appl. Phys. Lett. 11, 151601 (2017)

Classical and exotic magnetism: Recent advances and perspectives
Low Temperature Physics 43, 895 (2017)

Invited Review Article: Instrumentation for nuclear magnetic resonance in zero and ultralow magnetic field
Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 091101 (2017)

The direct piezoelectric effect in the globular protein lysozyme
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 142902 (2017)

Optical imaging of nanosized structures by using plasmonically excited cascade near-field coupling with a carbon nanotube probe
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 133102 (2017)

Introduction to Focus Issue: Complex Cardiac Dynamics
Chaos 27, 093701(2017)

Impact of ionic aggregate structure on ionomer mechanical properties from coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 134901 (2017)

Interfacial B-site atomic configuration in polar (111) and non-polar (001) SrIrO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures
APL Materials 5, 096110 (2017)

On the conditions for nonlinear growth in magnetospheric chorus and triggered emissions
Physics of Plasmas 24, 092904 (2017)

Librations induced zonal flow and differential rotation of free inner core in rotating spherical cavity
Physics of Fluids 29, 096601 (2017)

Polarization-entangled photons from an InGaAs-based quantum dot emitting in the telecom C-band
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 133106 (2017)

Exploring interacting Floquet states in black phosphorus: Anisotropy and bandgap laser tuning
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 124301 (2017)

Phase and vacancy behaviour of hard “slanted” cubes
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 124501 (2017)