Copyright and Permission to Reuse AIP Material FAQ


Q. Does AIP Publishing require a full transfer of copyright?

No. AIP Publishing allows authors to retain their copyrights. Authors sign an exclusive license to publish agreement that grants AIP Publishing the necessary rights it needs to publish and disseminate the work. AIP Publishing also manages reuse permission requests and investigates and responds to any claims of copyright infringement, plagiarism, and ethical concerns on behalf of its authors.

Q: What is the process for authors to license rights to their journal article to AIP Publishing?

AIP Publishing has moved to an all-electronic process for completing the License to Publish Agreement. The form is completed during the manuscript submission stage within the Peer X-Press system. This eliminates paper forms and streamlines the process for increased efficiency.

Q: Is the electronic process legally binding?

An electronic process for licensing exclusive rights meets all standard legal tests. Contract law supports the enforceability of online methods of acceptance.

Q: Will AIP Publishing accept other types of copyright forms or licenses?

All authors should use the online system within Peer X-Press. However, we will continue to accept alternate forms when necessary. Any questions or concerns regarding copyright issues may be addressed to the Office of Rights and Permissions: 516-576-2268, rights [at]

Q: Must all authors sign the license to publish form?

Authors should be in agreement that one author will be responsible for signing the License to Publish Agreement on behalf of the group.

Q: How is copyright licensing handled if I am an employee of the U.S. Government?

AIP Publishing does not claim copyright to U.S. Government-authored works. However, authors are required to complete the Agreement and indicate their Government status.

Q: How is copyright licensing handled if I work for a national research laboratory that receives funding from the U.S. Government?

Federally Funded Research & Development Centers (FFRDCs) are sponsored by government agencies, but they are privately administered by universities or other organizations and are not considered government institutions. In most cases, the work would be considered a Work Made for Hire, and the License to Publish Agreement would be completed accordingly.

Q: What if my work is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)?

AIP Publishing is fully compliant with the funding requirements imposed by the NIH. AIP Publishing will automatically deposit, with the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Central (PMC) online repository, any journal article published after 6 April 2008 that reports research funded, at least in part, by the NIH. AIP Publishing will deposit the article with PMC in final, published form, along with its associated metadata, upon publication, and will provide authors with the PMCID number once it has been assigned. Please note, however, that the full text of the article will not become available on PMC until one year after publication. For further information see our Web Posting Guidelines.

Q: Does AIP Publishing honor Crown Copyrights?

AIP Publishing will accept a Crown Copyright form supplied by an author whose work was performed in his or her capacity as an employee of a U.K., Canadian, or Australian government department or agency.

Q: What rights do I retain as an AIP Publishing author to utilize my own work?

Authors retain copyright and are granted generous rights that allow for reuse of their articles in many ways. Authors should refer to the License to Publish Agreement, which delineates the rights retained by and granted to them with regard to the use of their own work. A copy of the Agreement may be found here.

Q: As an AIP Publishing author, may I post my article on the Internet?

AIP Publishing authors should refer to the Web Posting Guidelines page for specific information on web posting.

Q: Does AIP Publishing offer an open access option for authors?

AIP Publishing publishes several fully open access journals (AIP Advances, APL Materials, APL Photonics, and Structural Dynamics). In addition, our Author Select program is an author-pays option available to those wishing to allow open access to their work within one of our subscription-based journals.

Q: May I include previously published material from another source in my AIP Publishing article?

If you are including material taken from another source, it is your responsibility to obtain written permission for that material directly from the copyright holder. AIP Publishing assists authors in this regard by providing them with a form for this purpose (Reuse of Previously Published Material). More specific information can also be found in the Author Permission FAQ.

Q: May I include my AIP Publishing article in my thesis or dissertation?

AIP Publishing permits authors to include their published articles in a thesis or dissertation. It is understood that the thesis or dissertation may be published in print and/or electronic form and offered for sale on demand, as well as included in a university’s repository. Formal permission from AIP Publishing is not needed. If the university requires written permission, however, we are happy to supply it.

Permission to Reuse AIP Publishing Material

Q: How do I obtain permission to reuse AIP Publishing material?

Using RightsLink®: AIP Publishing has partnered with the Copyright Clearance Center to offer Rightslink, a convenient online service that streamlines the permissions process. Rightslink allows users to instantly obtain permissions and pay any related fees for reuse of material, directly from AIP Publishing’s website. Once licensed, the material may be reused legally, according to the terms and conditions set forth in each unique license agreement.

To use the service, access the article you wish to license on Scitation and simply click on the Reprints & Permissions link in the abstract. If you have questions about Rightslink, click on the link as described, and then click the “Help” button located in the top right-hand corner of the Rightslink page.

Without using RightsLink: Send requests for permission for republication or other reuse of AIP Publishing journal or conference proceedings material to rights [at]

Contact address:

Office of Rights and Permissions
AIP Publishing
1305 Walt Whitman Road
Suite 300
Melville, NY 11747-4502
Telephone: +1 516-576-2268

Q: What information does AIP Publishing require in a permission request?

Please provide as much information as possible when requesting permission. Be sure to include the following:

  • Citation information for the article containing the material you wish to reuse.
  • A description of the material you wish to reuse, including the figure and/or table number as it appears in the article.
  • The title, authors, name of the publisher, and expected publication date of the new work.
  • The format(s) the new work will appear in—print, electronic, CD-ROM, for example.
  • Information as to how the new work will be distributed and whether it will be offered for sale.

Q: Is permission needed to adapt or redraw AIP Publishing material?

Yes. Permission is still needed if you are adapting or redrawing material. If you are significantly modifying the material so as to create a new and unique work that would be eligible for copyright protection on its own, then permission is not needed.

Q: Is permission needed for an image taken from the Internet?

Yes. Images appearing on the Internet are under copyright, and care must be taken to locate the copyright holder and obtain permission.

Q: If I am reusing my own AIP Publishing material, do I need permission?

Authors are permitted to reuse their own material with proper credit to the original source in the AIP Publishing publication.

Q: What is AIP Publishing’s preferred format for the credit line

The preferred format is as follows (please fill in the information indicated by capital letters): “Reproduced from [FULL CITATION], with the permission of AIP Publishing.”

Full citation format is: Author names, journal title, Vol. #, Page #, (Year of publication). For an article, the credit line must be printed on the first page of the article or book chapter. For figures, photographs, covers, or tables, the notice may appear with the material, in a footnote, or in the reference list.

Q: How long does it take to receive permission from AIP Publishing?

In general, permission is granted within five business days. We make every attempt to expedite responses marked as urgent.

Q: Will AIP Publishing accept a permission request form from my publisher?

AIP Publishing will respond to a request for permission with our own requirements and conditions for republication, outlining the rights we are willing to grant. We do not, as a rule, authorize forms supplied by other publishers

Q: Is there a fee for reuse of AIP Publishing material?

AIP Publishing is a signatory to the STM Permissions Guidelines and permits limited amounts of material to be reused with no fee. However, depending on the amount of material requested and the type of reuse, fees may be charged.

Q: If I am an AIP Publishing author, will AIP Publishing obtain permission on my behalf?

It is the author’s responsibility to secure all permissions for material used from other sources. AIP Publishing provides information to assist authors in this task. Please refer to the document on Reuse of Previously Published Material. More specific information can also be found in the Author Permission FAQ.

Q: Must permission be in writing?

It is imperative that written permission be obtained and that all phases of the permission process are documented. An emailed response is sufficient.

Q: If I am reusing the material for non-commercial, non-profit purposes, is permission still needed?

Yes, permission is required regardless of the nature of the reuse.

Q: If I have other questions not covered here, whom should I contact?

You may contact the Office of Rights and Permissions at:

AIP Publishing
1305 Walt Whitman Road
Suite 300
Melville, NY 11747-4502, USA
Phone: +1 516-576-2268
E-mail: rights [at]